l. Required Documents for invitation:

In order to receive student’s invitation letter you will have to provide with the following information and the following personal documents by e-mail this information:

1. Name, Surname.

2. Citizenship.

3. Date & place of birth.

4. Sex.

5. Passport number.

6. Passport validity (date of issue & expiry).

7. Permanent address.

8. Phone number, e-mail address.

9. Country where you are going to obtain your visa.

10. A copy of the passport (pages with the photograph, date of birth and passport validity (date of issue & expiry).

11. A copy of Certificate of Completed Higher Secondary Education.

Invitation applications are accepted from the end of May every year until first of November. It takes from 5 to 10 days to process the documents with the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine.

ll. Required documents for Visa:

Upon receiving the invitation letter, the student must contact the Embassy of Ukraine in his / her country in order to apply for the student’s visa. The list of documents to be submitted at Ukrainian Embassy:

1.The original invitation of the University sent to you by express post.

2.The Secondary School Certificate including mark sheet (legalized* original or legalized notarized copy).

3.The Birth Certificate (legalized* original or legalized notarized copy).

4.The latest Health Certificate (legalized original). NOTE: The validity of this certificate is 2 months only.

5.The AIDS test Certificate. NOTE: The validity of this certificate is 3 months only.

6.Official bank documents confirming full payment of tuition fees (for students coming to Ukraine for the first time)

7.3 photographs (3x4cm)

8.Translations to Ukrainian/Russian language of the documents given in p. 2-5.

We suggest you to keep in touch with Ukrainian embassy in your country regarding all visa questions. These requirements in different countries may vary.

* Legalized means:

1.Secondary School Certificate has to be legalized in the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2.Birth Certificate and Health Certificate have to be legalized in Ukrainian Embassy.


lll. For students obtaining admission to the preparatory faculty or the first year:

1. Complete Higher Secondary School Certificate (including mark sheet) or a notarized copy;

2. Medical health certificate

3. The AIDS test Certificate

4. 15 passport size (3×4 cm) photographs

I.V. Notes:

1. We pay your attention to the procedure of passing an entry point in the airport. Besides your passport and visa the border services (customs) check the set of the documents necessary for admission to the university and on the base of which Visa was given for you, these are : invitation, birth certificate, medical certificate, medical certificate of AIDS examination, school leaving certificate with extract of given marks. All the documents are to be legalized in the embassy. That’s why the student is to keep all these documents with him at hand luggage and not to check in his language.

2. Also we need to pay your attention that both medical certificates are valid for a period of 2 months by law. Accordingly, if a student was executing his documents for a long time and at passing an entry point, his medical certificates will be expired, in this case, he will have to again execute his medical certificates and to legalize them in the embassy.

3. Also, please, inform us in two weeks before your arrival to Ukraine.

4. We pay your attention to the fact that at taking tuition fee and the payment for organizational costs, we don’t take old, torn or dilapidated notes.

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Invitation Verification

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