NUPh is one of the oldest and elite higher educational establishments of Europe, centre of pharmaceutical education, which will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2005. Pharmaceutical education takes its rise in 1805, when the first pharmaceutical department has been opened on the basis of the pharmaceutical division of Kharkov Emperor University medical faculty, which became the grounding for the future institute creation. Initiating by the group of famous Kharkiv scientists, the first in Ukraine pharmaceutical institute was opened in Kharkov on September 10th, 1921.

Since 1980 Kharkov pharmaceutical institute is headed by the professor Valentin P. Chernykh, associate-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry, State prize winner of Ukraine, Honoured scientist and technicbrian of Ukraine, Honoured inventor of Ukraine. High level of achievements of the 80-s to a considerably assisted, that in 1992 Kharkov pharmaceutical institute obtained the status of academy.

On September 18th, 2002 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine Academy got the status of National University of Pharmacy.

The University has the 4th level of accreditation. It is the unique higher educational establishment, which completely covered the needs of pharmaceutical branch in highly gualified professionals.

NUPh trains Bachelors and Masters in 13 specialities on 10 faculties:

  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Technology of drugs
  • Perfumery and cosmetics technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Economics of enterprises
  • Marketing
  • Management of organizations
  • Quality, standardization, certification
  • Analytical quality control
  • Drugs manufacturing
  • Higher educational institutes pedagogy


The educational process is provided by 52 departments, where 830 lecturers work, 85% of them have scientific degree. There are 72 Doctors of sciences, about 400 assistant professors and candidates of sciences, 15 academicians and associate-members of National and branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 5 members of the New York Academy of sciences, 14 Honoured scientists and technicians of Ukraine among them.

Scientific staff 72 Doctor of sciences, about 400 assistant professors and candidate of sciences, 15 academicians and associate-members of the National and branch Academies of Sciences, 5 members of New York academy of sciences, 14 honoured scientists and technicians of Ukraine.

Training the scientific professionals for the foreign countries we invite people who wish to continue their scientific researches to the post-graduate study.

Post-graduate training is by contract and is carried in the following specialities:

  • 14.03.05 “Pharmacology”
  • 15.00.01 “Drugs technology and pharmacy business organization “
  • 15.00.02 “Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology”

Post-graduate training is conducted during 3 years, full-time (3 years) and part-time (4 years) form of study. After finishing the post-graduate training successfully and scientific thesis defence the Doctor of Pharmacy degree in the field of pharmacy is conferred.

Journals: “Clinical Pharmacy”, “News of Pharmacy”, ((Organic and pharmaceutical chemistry” are published in the National University of Pharmacy. Publications of these journals are recognised by the highest attestation commission of Ukraine.


As experience showed it is difficult for the foreign students to join fully the educational process without language knowledge and the adaptation period. That is why, in 1992 preparatory faculty of the National University of Pharmacy was created. Nowadays the preparatory faculty of the University is one of the largest not only in Kharkov, but also in Ukraine.

For the 12 years of work the preparatory faculty has trained more than 1 500 foreign students from 43 countries for the further study in the higher educational institutes of medical-biological and engineer-technological directions. Every year students from new countries come to study in the University. With the parental love experienced lecturers help the foreign citizens to come through the period of adaptation to the new conditions of life and training in Ukraine, also to obtain Russian language. Besides the language of speciality, the students of the preparatory faculty study chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and other subjects necessary for the further study at any higher educational institute of Ukraine. New modern classrooms and lecture halls of the preparatory faculty are situated nearly the hostels where students live.

Pre-higher education 10 months, graduates have opportunity to continue their education in all higher education establishments of Ukraine, Russia.


Nowadays more than 16 000 students study in the University, among them approximately 100 foreigners. Foreign students are trained since 1965, for these years University has prepared more than 4 000 professionals in the field of pharmacy for 73 countries of the world. In the NUPh foreign citizens can get education in Russian, Ukrainian or English. Duration of study in Russian and Ukrainian is 6 years (the 1st year study at the preparatory faculty). Duration of study in English is 5 years.


Students have the opportunity to live in 5 hostels, which are situated near the academic buildings. The administration of the University managed to make standard rooms into the comfortable rooms that correspond to all European demands.

Students’ years are not just for study, all conditions for cultural development of the person were created in the university. Students visit theatres, circus, museums, and travel around Ukraine. They take an active part in the University’s cultural educative competitions. Various theatres, museums, sports-grounds and swimming pools meet you with hospitality.

Ukrainian and foreign manufactures’ goods are presented in many supermarkets of the city, and visiting Kharkov markets is a holiday for gourmets.


The admission committee for foreigners works all year around. The foreign applicants’ admission begins from August 15th up to November 15th of the current year. To enter the National University of Pharmacy foreign citizen should present the following documents:

  • Original of the certificate on complete general secondary education with mention of the studied subjects and obtained marks, translated and certified by a notary;
  • a certificate of having no human immunodeficiency virus;
  • a medical certificate certified by the public authority of Health of the country of departure and issued at the latest two months before departure to Ukraine;
  • a medical insurance policy (to be issued in Ukraine);
  • a copy of the birth certificate and its translation certified by a notary;
  • 6 photos 6×4 cm;
  • a return ticket with an opened date during one year.

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