Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University –

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University

The University has been training skilled engineers in the field of automobile transport and road construction since 1930. Such specialists have been in demand from the time of the Roman Empire. Today they are required in every country of the world to successfully develop their economies and will always be crucial for future generations.

Thus, having obtained higher education at this University in specialities listed below, you can easily get employed at various plants, factories, enterprises, companies or establish your own business.


*Automobile Transport* *Mechanical Engineering* *Road-Construction*

*Bridges and Tunnels* *Management* *Transport Systems

Courses for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees are provided at the University.

The Preparatory Faculty is available for the international students – students learn Ukrainian or English language and other subjects for future speciality.

The University has IV accreditation level, the highest in the Ukrainian educational system.

The University was conferred the National status in August 2001.

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