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We represent the company from Ukraine which has been working in the market of educational international services for more than 15 years and have been cooperating with many countries of Africa and Asia for students willing to come to Ukraine to get higher education.

A fifteen-year experience of our company allows us to fulfill our tasks in a professional way and render the maximum assistance to students from their arrival to Ukraine till their graduation.

We are located in the largest educational center of is possible to invite students to any university of Ukraine from our part, still we try to invite students to Ukraine cause located here, we are always ready to render assistance to students’ questions.

At present we are looking for well reputed established educational agent in your Country to recruit students for studies in Ukraine.


Why to choose Ukraine and particularly Kharkov?

  • Ukrainian educational system is considered to be the part of former Soviet Union’s educational system, which educational system was rightfully recognized as one of the best in the world.

  • An interesting peculiarity of Ukrainian education is an individual approach to the lecturer’s student. Here a lecturer works with a group of 30 students and knows everybody by name. He may pay attention to everybody and explain smth in individual way to a student if smth is not clear both during and after the lecture.

  • Besides cost for education and life in Ukraine is still lower than in European Union or America.

  • It is easier to obtain an educational visa to Ukraine than to EU and America’s countries.

  • You have an opportunity to obtain education of high quality for comparatively low cost in a beautiful and democratic European country.

  • We recommend Kharkov because our city is considered to be a unique educational center. Since Soviet Union and at present they have called Kharkov “the city of students” because students from the whole country come for studies to our city.

  • There are more than 30 higher educational establishments in our city beside colleges and technical schools. Here you may obtain completely any qualification existing in the world, except the qualification of civil pilot.

Why to choose exactly “DEN” company?

  • We are cooperating on the basis of agreements with most universities in Kharkov, Ukraine.

  • We work officially, there is a license from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, given us the right to recruit the students for their studies in Ukraine.

  • Our office is in the city center directly in the University building that gives for a student an opportunity to turn to us if there are any questions.

  • Help to choose appropriate specialty and university and answering all your questions via email, phone, Facebook or Skype.• Help in invitations posting from the desired university,

  • Arrangement of the visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to the respective embassy,

  • Meeting at the airport and accompanying to Kharkov straight to hostel safe and sound,

  • Accommodation arrangement in university hostel,

  • Filling in necessary documents at registration in the university,

  • Medical Insurance, anti-immigration insurance, health care test, Police registration,

  • Opening of Bank account in Ukraine International Bank

  • Assistance during the entire period of study.

The following courses are available in English medium (the rest – after the preparatory faculty):

  • medicine, pharmacy, nursing;

  • Tourism , business administration, management of innovative activity;

  • economical cybernetics–biomedical engineering-computer engineering-telecommunications;

  • aeronautical engineering.avionics


We are looking to have agents or Education Representative worldwide who are interested in recruiting students for Ukraine. We would be pleased to receive expression of interest from interstate agents worldwide.

If you feel interested in any of this please do not hesitate to contact us:

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