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Ukrainian educational system is considered to be the part of former Soviet Union’s educational system, which educational system was rightfully recognized as one of the best in the world. An interesting peculiarity of our education is an individual approach to the lecturer’s student. One student from Cameroon have come to us recently and told with admiration that all the lecturers knew their students by name. While having studies in Cameroon, a lecturer there was providing lectures before no less than hundreds of students and didn’t contact with each student. Here a lecturer works with a group of 30 students and knows everybody by name. He may pay attention to everybody and explain smth in individual way to a student if smth is not clear both during and after the lecture. Besides cost for education and life in Ukraine is still lower than in European Union or America. Also it is necessary to take into consideration that it is easier to obtain an educational visa to Ukraine than to EU and America’s countries. As a result you have an opportunity to obtain education of high quality for comparatively low cost in a beautiful and democratic European country.

We recommend Kharkov, because our city is considered to be a unique educational center. Since Soviet Union and at present they have called Kharkov “the city of students” because students from the whole country come for studies to our city. Only imagine, there are more than 30 higher educational establishments in our city beside colleges and technical schools. Here you may obtain completely any qualification existing in the world, except the qualification of civil pilot. We can render assistance in obtaining an invitation card from any higher educational establishment of Ukraine to your taste and coordinate your arrival and admission with the representative of a chosen university. We can’t, however, to render further assistance in another city except Kharkov, because our firm is situated in Kharkov.

No, at the moment Ukraine is not the member either European Union or Schengen Agreement. But taking into consideration that Ukraine shares European democratic principles of development, located geographically in Europe and borders with US member states in the west, entrance to European union is a strategic goal for our country. At the moment the implementation of passport-free-zone between Ukraine and EU is considered. European choice of Ukraine is confirmed with the fact that European Football championship Euro-2012 will take place in Ukraine. And we are proud that Kharkov is one of 4 cities where European Football matches Euro-2012 will take place. And if you decide to arrive to Kharkov for studies you will be able to see this championship with your own eyes.

Unfortunately no, there are no scholarships or grants for foreign citizens in Ukraine.

In theory it is possible but difficult, because the diploma’s equivalence of your country will be considered by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and they decide you case. This procedure will be carried out by the university which you enter.

Practically every university has its own football team. Also there are teams of other sport activities. Annually there are sport competitions among universities in Ukraine including all types of sport. Competitions are hold both at regional and national level.

During the first year students learn Russian language at preparatory faculty. Entering the first year they study in Russian. Sometimes they study in Ukrainian but these languages are very similar. There are several qualifications in the English language.

You may get medical, pharmaceutical, three economic qualifications and several technic qualifications in English in Kharkov. Admission to the university will be after your interview in English. In such a way, if you are admitted you may start your studies from the first year at university without the preparatory faculty.

Unfortunately there is no such a possibility in Ukraine at the moment

While studying Russian at preparatory faculty students attend classes only for foreigners. There are no more than 10 students in one group. During the first year course at university and at other courses, the education is possible both in groups for foreign students and in groups with Ukrainian students. It depends on your qualification and chosen university.In such a way, if it is popular qualification like medicine, pharmacy, architecture, than they set up separate groups for foreign students. If you choose rare qualification among foreign students like sociology or geology, then you will study together with Ukrainian students. Education in groups is accepted to be no more than 30 students in a group in Ukraine.

Contacting with students we see that certain students manage to live for 100-150 USD per month , also there are students who spend even 1000 USD per month and complain that it is not enough for them. We consider the optimal variant is that you need to have around 300 USD per month for food, transport, textbooks, office supplies and periodical purchase of clothes especially in winter.

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