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Private Company “DEN” is registered with Ukrainian State Centre for International Education of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as an official agent authorizing to recruit foreigners for studying at higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

A twenty-year experience allows us to fulfil our tasks in a professional way and render the maximum assistance to students from their arrival to Ukraine till their graduation.

We undertake to fulfil all the services related with your arrival for studying in Ukraine:

– Issuing of Invitation Letters from the University
– Visa support payment
– Meeting at the airport
– Accompanying and settling at the Hostel
– Registration at the University
– Medical insurance (including COVID-19 insurance)
– Anti-immigration Insurance
– Residence Permit
– Health care tests
– Documents translation
– Assistance during studies 24/7

During studies at the Preparatory Department students learn Ukrainian or English language and some other subjects depending on their field of future speciality. For enrolment you have to arrive with Invitation Letter in the period from the 15th of August till the 15th of November, and for second admission – from 1st January until 1 April


– The fees for studies at the Preparatory Faculty are 2200 USD*

This amount includes all: tuition fees, hostel accommodation, Residence Permit, Medical tests, Documents Translation and our complete support during studies 24/7

The fees for studies in Main Fields are mentioned in section Fees for Studies

DEN Company – is a private firm registered by State Center for International Education as an agent for foreign students recruitment to obtain higher education in Ukraine. We have a Licence and more than 20-year experience in this field. Our specialists are ready to render assistance in all matters related to the admission of citizens from near and far abroad to universities of Ukraine.  

The staff of our company gives total support to foreigners entering the universities of Ukraine. Our workers are also engaged in solving the organizational and everyday problems of the clients, beginning from meeting at the airport to accommodation in the hostel and attendance of the selected university. We do not leave our students outside and give total support until their graduation, and we are always ready to solve any problems arising during studies. 

Responsibilities of DEN Company before foreign students 

Our team renders to clients the range of intermediary services in all matters related to obtaining higher education in Ukraine. DEN Company has a perfect reputation and always performs the services in full, namely:  

  • Issuance of Invitation Letter for study in Ukraine from selected university and delivery personally to a student. 
  • Visa support payment for confirmation of the Invitation Letter is genuine. 
  • Meeting at the airport of arrival, transfer to the hostel or the hotel (if so desired by a client) . 
  • Registration of a foreign student with the university. 
  • All kind of insurance: medical (including COVID-19) and responsibility in case of violation of migration law. 
  • Medical tests in a students’ hostel and Medical Certificate. 
  • Translation of documents into Ukrainian language with Notary legalisation for further admission into the university. 

During the process of studies we keep contacts with foreign students and are ready to render any assistance or help in all kind of problems. You may contact us by phone or any messengers.  

For foreign students we propose to undergo Preparatory course where they learn English or Ukrainian language. Besides, they learn other subjects necessary for education in a selected speciality in the university. The admission to the Preparatory course is made during all year.  

Our fees 

One of the most important advantages of higher education in Ukraine is its availability. The fees for studies in Ukraine for foreigners in our universities is considerably lower than in similar universities of European countries, America or Canada. The payment for Preparatory course is made in National currency in the amount of 2200$ and it includes the following:: 

  • Fees for studies itself.
  • Accommodation in a university hostel. 
  • Residence Permit fees
  • Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hostel or university
  • Total support during studies in the University.  

The information about the cost of study in Ukraine on any speciality you may find on our web-site, section Fees for studies. The education in Ukrainian universities is affordable and has high quality or professional training of specialists. 

Free consultations in all questions, including financial, organisational and other you may get by phone, email, online chat. We are always ready to come for help and are always in contact. 

The education in Ukraine for most foreigners is associated with warm and interesting memories. Ukrainian people are known as hospitable and kind, and are tolerant to all races, nationalities and confessions.

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