Ukraine is the independent state of Western Europe, parliament-presidential republic, having diplomatic relations with 138 countries of the world. It is the member of Security and Cooperation Council of Europe, International Monetary Fund, European Council, North Atlantic Cooperation Council. The population of the country is about 50 million people. Having the richest reserves of iron-ore, coal, manganese, nickel, oil and gas, Ukraine successfully develops such industrial branches as metallurgy, machine-building, instrument-making, air-cosmic, converting, chemical-pharmaceutical and other branches. Besides, the country has widely developed agriculture and distinguished achievements in science. Ukraine is included to 5 space states of the world.

The great attention is paid to the science and education. There are National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 1400 scientific-research institutes, 1009 higher-educational establishments in the country with 2,4 mln students, among them 27 000 foreign citizens from 130 countries of the world.


Kharkov is the largest industrial, scientific, and cultural centre of the country. It was founded in 1655. About 2 mln. people live here. The city has underground and international airport. The products of Kharkov industrial enterprises are well known far from Ukrainian boards. These are airplanes, tractors, tanks, turbines-super giants, bulldozers, electric equipment, TV-sets, bikes, machine tools, drugs, etc.

The scientific potential of the city includes 7 scientific-research institutes of the Academy of sciences of Ukraine, 200 branch scientific-research institutes, 40 higher-educational establishments, where about 200 thousand of students, including 7 000 foreign students study, and 80 academicians of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine, 1200 Doctors, 6500 Candidates of sciences work.

Kharkov is the students’ capital. This is one of the largest Ukrainian cities by the number of the higher educational institutions and students. 30% of all foreign students, who came to get higher education in Ukraine, study in Kharkov. There are a lot of museums, monuments of architecture and culture, planetarium, botanical garden, circus, 6 theatres, concert halls, discotheques, sport-clubs, stadiums and swimming pools.

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