1. Why is it Ukraine who you recommend for education, what are the difference and advantages of Ukrainian education?

2. Why do you propose Kharkov? Can I come to another city with your help?

3. IS Ukraine the member of European Union?

4. Is it possible to get scholarship or grant for foreign students while studying in Ukrainian higher educational establishments?

5.Is it possible to enter the five year to complete Master’s degree only?

6. Are there any football clubs at universities?

7. In what language do they teach in universities?

8. What qualifications are in English? Is it necessary to enter at the preparatory faculty if I want to study in English?

9.Is there any opportunity to study in French?

10. Is education carried out together with Ukrainian students in the same groups or separately for foreign students? How many students are in one group?

11. What will be my average month expenses for food and living?

12. How can I get the invitation letter?

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