Kharkov State Medical University

The Diploma of Kharkov State Medical University is prestigious and recognized in many countries of the world

Historically, Kharkov State Medical University was the first higher medical educational institution in Ukraine.

The Diploma of Kharkov State Medical University is prestigious and recognized in many countries of the world. Since 1998, Kharkov State Medical University is a member of the International Association of Universities (under the aegis of UNESCO).

Since 1951 the University has been training specialists for foreign countries of the Eastern Europe, China, Mongolia, and since 1961 students from the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America have been studying here. Now, 900 foreign citizens study at KhSMU at the Medical and Stomatological Faculties, at the clinical postgraduate course. More than 3,600 specialists from 86 states of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East have graduated from KhSMU since 1951.

The clinical and theoretical training of the students is given at 63 Departments of the University.

63 departments of KhSMU provided with all the necessary equipment are carrying out clinical and theoretical training. The clinical departments of the University are based on 9 regional, 10 city, 4 departmental medical establishments.

KhSMU has become an important centre for international students who need expert teaching in learning. The University is currently training about 5,000 students, among them 900 foreign citizens, and its academic staff consists of more than 630 teachers, including 102 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 387 Candidates of Medical Science, 32 members of academies, 17 Honoured scientists.

At the University, the training is provided at the Medical Faculty within 6 years and 5 years at the Stomatological Faculty. In the process of training a constant control of the current progress is conducted by means of estimating of students’ knowledge on each class.

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