Kharkov I.P.Kotliarevsky Institute of Arts

Kharkovska Affiliate (Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management)

Kharkov I.P.Kotliarevsky Institute of Arts is one of the leading Ukrainian universities of arts as well as a scientific and methodological centre of Slobozhanschina music and theatre studies. The University is named after Ivan Kotlyarevsky, a famous classical writer of Ukrainian literature, an outstanding playwright and director.


Department of Vocalism and Choral Singing

  • Academic Singing
  • Special Piano
  • Harmony and Polyphony
  • Interpretation and Music Analysis
  • History of Music and Musical Criticism
  • Theory and History of World and Ukrainian Culture
  • Composition and Instrumentation
  • Concertmastership
  • Chorus Conducting
  • Opera Singing

Department of Orchestral Studies

  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Stringed Instruments in an Orchestra
  • Wind and Percussion Instruments in an Orchestra and Opera and Symphonic Conducting
  • Instruments of a Pop Orchestra
  • Ukrainian Folk Instruments

Department of Drama

  • Drama Theatre and Cinema Acting Skills
  • History of Theatre
  • Direction of Drama and Puppet Theatres
  • Stage Diction
  • Puppet Theatre Acting Skills

Students and Graduates of Kharkov Institute of Theatre Arts:

  • Leonid Bykov (famous actor, scriptwriter and playwright)
  • Alexey Petrenko (theatre and cinema actor)
  • Natalya Fateyeva (theatre and cinema actor)

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