National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnical Instutute"

Specialities and tuition fees for foreign citizens, USD

SpecialityTuition Fees
in Russian Medium, USD

Tuition Fees
in English Medium, USD

Mechanical and Technological department Equipment for metal forming 2000  
Equipment for foundry engineering 2000  
Computer-integrated technologic process and manufacturing 2000  
Applied material science 2000  
Information technologies design 2000  
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Technology of mechanical engineering 1700  
Tool production 2000  
Metal-cutting machine tools and systems 2000  
Automatic control system of process controller 2000  
Hydraulic and pneumatic machines 2000  
Lifting-and-shifting, construction, road-making,
land reclamation machines and equipments


Boilers and reactors 1700  
Turbo machinery 2000  
Thermal physics 2000  
Hydraulic and pneumatic machines 2000  
Hydropower engineering 2000  
Equipment petroleum and gas industry 2000  
Heat and power engineering 2000  
Power-producing Management 2000  
Computer integrated technology 2000  
Process and manufacture 2000  
Electronic system and complex of vehicle 2000  
Whell-caterpillar vehicle 2000  
Military whell-caterpillar vehicle 2000  
Internal combustion engine 1700  
Rolling stock and special technics of railroad vehicle 1700  
Electrical transport 2000  
Motor vehicle and automotive industry 2000  
Informatics technology of design 2000  
Information technologies of design 2000  
Applied Mathematics 2000  
Computer science 2000  
Aero hydrodynamics 2000  
Information driving systems and technology 2000  
Software of computer systems 2000  
Applied Mathematics 2000  
Systems analysis and management 2000  
Social computer science 2000  
Computer science 2000  
Physical education 2000  
Interpretation 2200  
Project management 2000  
Psychology 2000  
Administrative Management (training of masters, acceptance on the 5th year) 2000  
Pedagogy of the higher institutes (training of masters, acceptance on the 5th year) 2000  
Applied linguistics 2000  
Economic department Accounting and auditing 2000  
Economy of the enterprise 2000  
Marketing 1700  
Management of organization 2000  
Intellectual property 2000  
Management of the innovative activity 2000  
Investment management 2000  
Department of business and finance Management of organization 2000  
Foreign-economic activity Management 2200  2500
Finances 2000  
Taxation 2000  
Social science 2000  
Physico-technical department Physic material science 2000  
Cryogenic technology and technics 2000  
Technology and electro physics of high-tension ignition 2000  
Nonconventional power sources 2000  
Electic Mashine Industry Electrical machines and devices 1700  
Electrical household equipment 2000  
Equipment and systems of the nondestructive inspection 2000  
Scientific, analytically, ecological equipment and systems 2000  
Electrical power system 2000  
Physical and biomedical electronics 2000  
Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive 2000  
Electric Power Enginering Department Electric power plant 2000  
Electric systems and chains 2000  
System of production control and electrical energy distribution 2000  
Technology and electro physics of the high-tension ignition 2000  
Power Management 2000  
Department for Automatics and Instrument Damper control system 2000  
Biological engineering and medical devices 2000  
Information-measuring system 2000  
Metrology and measuring tech 1700  
Radio physics and electronics 2000  
Dedicated computer systems 2000  
Department technology of inorganic substances Chemical technology of the inorganic substances 2000  
Technological electrochemistry 2000  
Chemical technology rare sparse component and materials on there base 2000  
Chemical technology refractory nonmetallic and silicate materials 1700  
Department technology of organic substances Chemical technology of organic substances 2000  
Chemical technology high-molecular compound 2000  
Chemical technology of fuel and carbon-base materials 2500  
Oil and gas recovery 2600  3000
Technology of fats and fat substitute 2000  
Technology of fermentation production and vine production 2000  
Industrial biotechnology 2000  
Biotechnology of bioactive compound 2000  
Depatment of the
Integral Technology and applied chemistry
Equipment of chemical production and factories of constructional processing 1700  
Equipment of in-process material and food industry 2000  
Ecology and environmental control 2000  
Applied chemistry of high-molecular substances 2000  
Technology of polymers 2000  
Computer-integrated technological process and production 2000  
Automatic control system of technological process 2000  
Department of economic
information science and management
Marketing 2000  
Economical cybernetics 2000  
Computer ecology-economic monitoring 2000  
Management of organizations 2000  
Department of Computer Science and information technologies Programming systems 2000 2000
Dedicated computer-driven systems 2000  
Intelligence system of problem-solving 2000  
Telecommunication systems and network 2000  
Intellectual property 2000  
Video-, audio and cinematographic engineering 2000  
Konsolіdation information 2000