Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture

Specialities and tuition fees for foreign citizens, USD 

Direction Bachelor Degree Fees, USD per year Direction Master Degree Fees, USD per year
Physical education teacher of physical training
and sports at educational establishments: schools, colleges
1800-2000 Physical training Physical education
at higher educational establishments:
academies, universities
Physical Culture Manager Management of physical training

Olympic and

professional sports

coach-teacher of track-and-field athletics;
sport and artistic gymnastics,
basketball, volleyball, handball, football -
hockey, swimming, free-style wrestling,
Greek-Roman wrestling, sambo, judo,
weight-lifting, heavy athletics,
body building, shaping,
tourism, skiing, oriental combats arts,
boxing, cycling

Olympic and professional sports

Scientific & methodological support
of the process of training of national teams
and sportsmen of high qualification
(in accordance with assignments); information support of athletic activity
sports informatics management in the field of professional sports and international tourism
marketing and mass media

Physical Rehabilitation

Specialist in rehabilitation

having knowledge and skills

of therapeutic physical training,

massage,physiotherapy, psychotherapy, phytotherapy, manual


Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation and mobile recreation 2200
physical rehabilitation in Olympic and professional kinds of sports
physical rehabilitation of invalids and the disabled correction