Our services

The private company "DEN" possesses a certificate of the State centre of international education of Ukraine of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine permitting to admit foreigners for studying at educational establishments in Ukraine. A fifteen-year experience of our company allows us to fulfil our tasks in a professional way and render the maximum assistance to students from their arrival to Ukraine till their graduation.

We are ready to take in charge all the services concerned with your arrival for studying in Ukraine:

invitations posting;

visa support letter;

meeting at the airport;

accompanying to the city of studies (your hostel);

settling at a hostel;

registration in the university;

medical insurance;

anti-immigration insurance;

passport registration;

health care test;

police registration;

documents translation;

assistance during studies.


During the first year students learn russian language at the preparatory department For studying at the preparatory faculty you need to arrive in the period from the 15th of August till the 15th of November.



  • The tuition-fee at the preparatory faculty makes up 1600 USD* per year.
  • All the services concerned with the first arrival: invitations posting by DHL, support in obtaining visas, meeting at the airport, transport, medical insurance, medical examination, registration, filling in the required documentation,antiimmigration insurance etc. cost about 900 USD.
  • Also you will pay for a hostel about 300-400 USD per one academic year (till 30.06). Price is not fixed and depends on chosen quality of the room.
  • Amount of item of expenses can initially change anyway. At the same time the total amount is 2900-3000 USD.

Further studies in the first year start on the 1st of September.

  • The tuition-fee in medical and pharmaceutical specialties varies from 3850 to 5400 USD per year.
  • The tuition fee in technical, engineering, architecture and economic specialties in universities varies from 1500 to 2300 USD per year.

For coming to Ukraine you need to order an invitation, to obtain a visa at the Embassy of Ukraine in your country and inform us about the date and the time of your arrival 5-7 days before it.


To obtain an invitation you need to let us know: name, surname, date of birth, number of passport, citizenship, the country from where you are going to get your Ukrainian visa.


*This amount doesn’t include costs for textbooks and exercise books at the preparatory faculty